About Rafael

Why you’re probably here

Life can sometimes be difficult. It can cause hurt, pain, frustration, and maybe even pull you away from loved ones, or from activities you once enjoyed. You may be feeling lonely, scared, nervous, angry, or just plain tired of the way things turned out. I am here to tell you these feelings do not need to last forever. You do have options and opportunities to act and regain control of your life. There can be a better tomorrow where you are in control and living the life that you want.

How I got here

2006 was one of the darkest times in my life. I was going through a separation, family issues, financial concerns, combat trauma, and medical problems, all while in the process of separating from military service. I soon recognized I could not cope with my stressors. It was at this point I realized I had nothing more to louse and began seeking out mental health treatment. My therapy experience was so positive, that aside from getting the assistance I needed it also provided me a pathway towards my future career.

How I can help

I learned at an early age that I had a gift for helping people and motivating them to bring out their best. This in combination with science backed therapy techniques creates a powerful experience to help with identifying problems and using your strengths to move towards better outcomes. I have been helping people in reaching their goals while becoming the best versions of themselves and never looking back. I know you are capable of the same thing. If you are ready to start, I am here and ready to begin taking this journey with you.